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Pour cream into a water glass and film it upside down. You've just simulated an atom bomb effect.

Transporting the audience into mythical lands, robots that bid your will (or not), flying monkeys and making the unbelievable believable is the creative responsibility of the Art Director and effects team. Before CGI there were practical effects, miniatures, matte paintings and camera tricks. A. Arnold "Buddy" Gillespie as head of the MGM Effects Department, pioneered techniques to bring countless MGM blockbusters to life including Wizard of Oz, Forbidden Planet, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Tarzan, Ben Hur and hundreds more.

Buddy's memoirs and behind the scenes secrets are now revealed in the book Wizard of MGM. Robert A. Welch, Buddy's Grandson and co-editor, explores some of the techniques used in Wizard of Oz.

This behind the scenes look at Wizard of Oz is a whimsical glimpse into the silliness on set, special effects and methods that are still in use to make today's blockbusters.

I hope you'll come and enjoy a retrospective on Wizard of Oz, trickery, tornadoes. It's fun filled hour for enthusiasts, aspiring Art Directors, and kids of all ages.

-Robert A. Welch

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