Lucas Marangon

Disney Latin America
Freelance Illustrator
Mexico City
Born in Santa Fe, Argentina in 1971, Lucas Marangon and his parents suffer political exile in Mexico during the military dictatorship of 1976. Back in Argentina, Lucas attends the Fine Arts Highschool in Mendoza and then graduates as a Graphic Designer, while working as a professional illustrator.

In 1996, Lucas moves back to Mexico City where he works as advertising illustrator and comic-book artist in various titles and companies until 1998 when he gets his fist gig in the US comic book industry as the artist of Dark Horse's RIPD, recently released as a full feature film.

Lucas is best known for his work in comics based on the Star Wars saga like the acclaim "Tag & Bink" series, "Clone Wars," "Dethklok" the comic adaptation of the Adult Swim series "Metalocalypse" and his own science fiction graphic novel "Hellcyon."

Lucas is currently working as freelance illustrator, concept designer and comic books as writer, penciller, colorist and cover artist. His work has been published in countries like England, Spain, Mexico, France, Argentina, Italy, and Poland.