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Igor Goldkind

Poet, Writer, Producer
Greater San Diego Area
As a teenager, Igor Goldkind volunteered as the Science Fiction Coordinator for the San Diego Comics Con back in the early 70’s. Years later he worked for Titan Books in the 1980s and then for IPC/Egmont/Fleetway in the 1990s as a marketing consultant and PR "spoke" for comics and SF. Goldkind helped develop and promote the term "graphic novel" as a way to help sell Watchmen, Dark Knight and the early works of Neil Gaiman into the book trade. He admits that he "stole the term outright from Will Eisner" with the authors permission and his contribution was to "take the badge (today it's called a 'brand') and explain it, contextualize it and sell it convincingly enough so that bookshop keepers, book distributors and the book trade would accept a new category of 'spine-fiction' on their bookshelves."

In the period 1991-1993 he was also a regular writer for 2000 AD, working on the ongoing Judge Hershey character, as well as creating The Clown, a satire on the works of Neil Gaiman, Goldkind referring to it as "The Sandman on laughing gas".

Later, Igor Goldkind became one of the early innovators of digital media in the UK, setting up a digital publishing company Artemis Communications in 1993 with artist Dave McKean to produce interactive dramas based on comics and SF characters.

He then developed the company (AI), into one of the first digital agencies in the UK, developing some of the first publishing websites for Oxford University Press, Pearson Publishing and Usborne Books.

He is an expert in Information Architecture, Usability standards and UX; having lectured at St. Martins School of Design, London College of Printing, Liverpool College and Liverpool University on subjects as diverse as gameplay as information interface, Semantic Web Architecture and Linked Open Data.

Meanwhile, he continues to write Comics and SF short stories and has a new book of Poetry, Comic Art and Music entitled IS SHE AVAILABLE? (Chameleon) coming out before xmas. Examples of the the new multimedia work is available on http://is-she-available.

His blog is @ http://igorgoldkind.com